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can i keep on hoping?
my smile hides my tears.

people. stay awesome. hear this. i dedicate to him.

hey people. name given was alia. freaking thirteen. find me at twitter or tumblr or facebook. i'm all ears bruh. follow me maybe? xx


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we did it .
Friday, 26 October 2012 // 11:09

assalamualaikum dan selamat hari raya aidil adha . long time no update , right ? hehs , 6 weeks in le prison . lol no . dah 6 minggu tak balik rumah . al-maklumlah duduk asrama . tak best okay ! .___. end year dah habis . eh , lupa nak cakap , lawanya minah kat atas tu . hahaha jk . itu gambar aku waktu drama sejarah yang lalu . gila macho . semua orang kata aku macho . wootswoots . no need to be jelly . :p apa aku merepek ni . -.- aku nak post gambar about drama sejarah haritu jap . 

kuda dua ekor (Y)

go go go !

have a break .

ana kahwin dua :3

latihan tarian

last preparation :)

in front of the audience !

hot part xD


i love you guys xx

so yeah , that's our picture together . snapping here and there . like seriously , hahaha . hadiahnya , my class dapat RM200 . we used it for our class party baru baru ni . serious bestttttttttttttt . lol okay dah mula bosan . kbyeeeeeeee . xx