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can i keep on hoping?
my smile hides my tears.

people. stay awesome. hear this. i dedicate to him.

hey people. name given was alia. freaking thirteen. find me at twitter or tumblr or facebook. i'm all ears bruh. follow me maybe? xx


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being ignored
Thursday, 31 May 2012 // 21:37


hey world. i'm going to talk bout someone named nurul fatiha binti zuraidi. haih. kak,why you seems to be mad at me? my text tak berbalas. call tak terangkat. IM,DM,mention everything tak berbalas. seriously,are you mad? oh yes. maybe you are mad. but do tell me why. for at least, bagitahulah kenapa. you hate me ke?:O

maybe you think that i'm such a childish, right? but yeah, i am. and before ob, you nampak macam taknak layan me. but i keep on thinking positively. my glc, you returned it. thank you btw. mula mula, i thought not to disturb you. ikr you'll be busy.


thanks to Teacher Harith cause he's the one who told me to ask you why you're ignoring me. at first i rasa macam tak payahlah. bajet dia nak baca je. dahlah ignore yang gila gila. tapi kalau you tengah baca and dah sampai sini, i want your answer laaah kak. janganlah merajuk or marah without any reason or with reason that i don't ever know. maybe i done anything wrong. and yes, i wanna say sorry if i made you mad. my last thought. i'm kinda afraid if you're thinking of having a bo with me. but yes, everything depends on you. take care.

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