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can i keep on hoping?
my smile hides my tears.

people. stay awesome. hear this. i dedicate to him.

hey people. name given was alia. freaking thirteen. find me at twitter or tumblr or facebook. i'm all ears bruh. follow me maybe? xx


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Crush, baby?
Wednesday, 14 December 2011 // 18:25

credited to tumblr

Kalau korang dapat message camtu, gelabah tak?
LOLOLOL.. bohong ah kalau tak!
wait.. alia pernah dapat yang camni :

hahahha.. perghh.. malu seyh!

tapi sukaaaaaaa sangat.. LOLOLOL..
wait, nak tahu kah siapa mamat tu?
takyah taw laaa.. buang masa je..

sekarang ni kan...
macam...dah tak rapat..

haihh.. sebab? alia rasa kan..
ada BFF alia yang minat kat dia..
then alia.. perghh.. 
heartbroken, babe!

alia pun adalah tweet something..
meh sini alia nak tulis balik..

Because of you I become stupid! I become an idiot girl who loves a boy that also been admired by my own friend!

When I stalk her tweets and I saw you tweet with her, honestly I cry in my heart. You don't know how hard I need to live with loving you.

I'm nothing for you. You're everything for me.

Aku dah hilang kepercayaan aku kat kawan aku sendiri. Thank you baby coz you had success for making me smile once. :)

For anyone else, my smiles are truly from my heart but for you, my smiles are fake.

I know you love him from the way you mention him, the way you ask him to tweet more and more and the way you called him 'dear'. I'm okay.

Once I say I need you, I mean it. Once I say I miss you, I mean it. Once I say I really like you, I really mean it.

When I think bout you, I forgot everything. In my mind there's just you and you. Without anyone else.

I loved you long time ago. Now it's your turn. Could you please love me? Even for just a second, I'll be grateful.

Some people says it is such a waste of time if we love someone who doesn't love us but for me, it isn't.

That moment when I really realise that my best friend really like you, I don't know what to say. Hope the both of you will last forever.

err.. tu jelaa.. hahaha..
okay.. babai.. assalamualaikum..

kalau nak follow my twitter,
ni dia.. @aliaqamelia ..
papai.. :*